Planes and Playdates started out in May 2018 as an idea to create a little space to share some stories about Motherhood and thoughts on the things we encounter. I was hoping that the name would be a cute play on the aspects of travel and Mum life. I also wanted to share stories on family travel and activities for children that others could do at home. Doubt did set in, with so many other blogs out there, why bother? But I remembered those nights trawling through the internet to stay awake during breastfeeding and finding stories from people who I could sometimes relate to. Finding just one person who has had a similar experience makes you feel less alone. So Planes and Playdates exists just incase someone finds it and needs it…. or just likes it or finds it useful.

You can read more about my original intentions in the first post here.

I am a Mother to a beautiful, energetic, cheeky toddler who I often refer to as my Little Man when talking about him online. I am also a Childcare Educator who has been working within childcare and OSHC services for over a decade. I truly believe that the early years are some of the most important years of a child’s life in shaping who they become in the future. I also enjoyed a bit of travel before Motherhood and am now venturing into the world of family travel – so far sticking to Australia but hopefully adding more places soon. I also like to write!

Thank you for reading my little blog! If you would like to tell me about yourself please write to me in the comments 🙂

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