Easy Christmas Treats

Christmas is fast approaching and with only a couple of weeks left of the school term you may be wondering what to take for that class party or looking at easy, edible gifts to give. Here are three easy, pinterest inspired options that you may like to try and if you have school or pre-school aged children they will also be able to help!


Candy Cane Reindeer

I ran this activity with my OSHC group a few years ago. Some of the four and five year olds needed assistance with the gluing and if using a hot glue gun you might want to do that part yourself. You can gift the candy canes or use them as decorations for your tree.

What you need: Candy Canes, brown pipe cleaners, googly eyes, red pom-pom balls, glue.

How to make: Leave the wrapper on the candy cane. Twist the pipe cleaner around the hook part to make the antlers. Glue on the googly eyes and then the red nose. Hello Rudolph!

With all activities there are always variations so feel free to adapt this to your needs or resources.


Mini Christmas Puddings

This activity would probably work best with older children as you need to get the balance right, otherwise it will slide off into a big mess.

What you need: Royals Marshmallow Biscuits, white chocolate melts, peppermint leaves lollies and jaffas.

How to make: Melt the white chocolate. Drip on to the top of the biscuit and add the leaves and jaffa so it looks like holly is sitting on top.

If you live in an area that regularly endures 40C heat in December I recommend placing them into the freezer immediately for a few minutes to set the chocolate and stop the lollies sliding off. I found the leaves a bit heavy so I would let them set first and then add extra chocolate to set the jaffa. Again, use any ingredient you prefer, this is just a general guide.


Reindeer Biscuits

You’ve probably seen these before. I see them everywhere. With good reason! They are easy to make, look very cute, can be used as gifts and kids two and up can be involved (well, depending on how perfect you want them to look!)

What you need: Arrowroot biscuits, milk chocolate melts, white choc chips, Allen’s strawberry and cream lollies and plain Tiny Teddies.

How to make: Melt the milk chocolate and spread on the biscuit. Add the Tiny Teddies, facedown, at the top to make the antlers, the white choc chips become the eyes and the Allen’s lollies are the nose.

When I first saw this idea it suggested Nutella, however I choose to use melted chocolate as my workplaces have a no nut policy (and so do the vast majority or schools, kindys, childcare centres, etc). I also tried the nose with raspberry lollies but it blended in a bit too much with the chocolate for my liking. A plate of these looks great at a party or you can put a few in a little bag and gift them to people.

These are my suggestions for an easy Christmas activity to do with your kids that can double up as gifts. While these ideas are not originally my own, tracking down the true original person is impossible.

Will you be making any of these this year? Feel free to link your own ideas in the comments.

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